• M Boltryk
  • A Pohrebniak


War is a destructive phenomenon for the economy of any country: logistics chains, production facilities are interrupted, infrastructure objects are destroyed, and this greatly complicates business activities. According to a survey by the European Business Association (EBA), 83% of member companies experienced a decline in business in 2022, 6% saw no change, and 11% increased revenues.

According to the results of a September survey by the Institute of Economic Research and Political Consultation (IED), entrepreneurs consider the rise in prices for raw materials and materials to be the main obstacles to doing business in the fall of 2023 - 46% of respondents, "it is dangerous to work" and power outages became an obstacle for 40% of those surveyed, 35% experienced problems with logistics, 30% were hindered by a labor shortage, and 37% were concerned about a decrease in demand for products.

Thus, the conditions of war lead to a change in approaches to production. One of the key strategies is the diversification of production, the expansion of the assortment and the entry of the enterprise into new markets - in this way, it is possible to ensure resistance to changes in market conditions.

It is also necessary to focus on increasing the efficiency of resource storage, since production in wartime often suffers from their shortage, and therefore it is important to improve technologies and processes in order to optimize the use of existing resources for their future use.

Risk management also becomes an important part of wartime survival strategy. Identification of possible threats and development of their management plans allows to ensure the stability of the production process.

Special attention should be paid to the support of employees. Ensuring their safety and health, as well as creating a conducive work environment, because it directly affects the productivity of employees.

In order to support and increase the production of TM "Morshinska" and "Myrhorodska" mineral waters at the Morshinsk Mineral Water Plant "Oscar" was stopped, the company needed a week to reorient business processes and resume product supplies to the market.

Due to problems with the supply of communal goods and the loss of several workshops in different parts of Ukraine, the company increased product stocks in warehouses and warehouses of partners to ensure public access to manufactured products and continued to update outdated equipment to improve and speed up production.

After the evacuation of workers in February 2022, ATZT "Myronivskyi Hliboprodukt" continued its transformation into a culinary company and began to actively implement the production of semi-finished products and relocated the business and introduced long-term planning instead of short-term. Also, "MHP" implemented digital planning of resources and work processes at the enterprise for quick change of plans in case of unforeseen situations.

Therefore, production in the conditions of war can be a challenge, but also an opportunity for rethinking and implementing new strategies. Increasing production efficiency in these conditions not only helps enterprises to withstand difficulties, but is also an important step on the way to economic recovery and sustainable development.